Weekly Card Reveal

It is a big energy week! The Card Reveal

It is a big energy week!

The Card Reveal


There’s a ton going on with Saturn, Venus, & Jupiter went retrograde. Big energies are moving with those three and bringing in shifts. Not all of them are going to be fun. Last Venus Rx 2018 I was watery mess for the whole time. It was so not fun! I had a little dance when Venus didn’t retrograde in 2019. Seriously I did!


Everyone responds differently to a retrograde.

Friend of mine hates when Jupiter goes Rx is messes her up. Me, I am okay with it.


Just because Sally is freaking over Saturn doesn’t mean you will be. Here’s some Tips to Help You Cope with Saturn, Venus, & Jupiter Rx.

There’s tarot spreads for each retrograde in the Tips. The mini readings I do for myself save my but every retrograde.


It is a big energy week! The Card Reveal

This week’s piles are She Wolfe Tarot and Chakra/World Cards


Pile One
Divine Feminine and the Gate of Awakening


Let her emerge from you and embrace how you view the Divine Feminine there’s a lot to learn here for you. But! That learning is internal, intimate, and personal. This is not the book told that it is this or that. It is about how you work with this and the knowing it holds. Do you work with the Divine Feminine? How can this open up new potentials?


It is a big energy week! The Card Reveal


Pile Two
Balance and Gaia Gateway

The Earth can help you create balance in your life. You get to connect to the earth this week and find out what it has to tell you. These are the shifts in life that can become game changers. Connect to the earth through plants, bees, or animals. It is about what can teach you not what you want. Do you ignore lessons form things that aren’t people? What can non-verbal things help you learn?


It is a big energy week! The Card Reveal


Pile Three
Four of Pentacles and Soul Star

Stop fixing yourself and start trusting you! Okay, If you have a body part that needs fixing you can get that fixed. But you as a person are not broken, you are who you are. All the good and bad jumbled into what helps to make you who you are. Look at what you are trying to fix or excise from you. What if that didn’t happen, who would you be? think about that a bit, you will never know. How do the big things in life inform who you are? How can you embrace all of you and still transform?


It is a big energy week! The Card Reveal

Pile three think of this like the Star Trek The Next Generation where Captain Picard has a chance to change something he’s not proud of. That change was profound he never became a captain. This big event shaped is life. The episode is Tapestry, TNG season six.


Affirmation Card!


It is a big energy week! The Card Reveal

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