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It is okay to freak out! – Card Reveal

It is okay to freak out!

So, how are you doing?


If you feel like you are going to freak out. Remember it is okay to freak out. But set a time limit and not work from that energy.


The other thing to remember is there are peeps out there sending healing vibes, prayers, good energy. You can open to those streams of grace and use them for you.

It is okay to freak out! - Card Reveal

You have to sing it to Le Freak because it changes the energies!
“Ah, Freak out! Le freak, c’est chic”


This weeks Piles are The Unfinished Tarot & Windows into Worlds

Pile One
The Flask & Fecund

Where are you shoulding? This is shoulding is getting in the way of what you need to do. This is not I should take the garbage out this is the I should do blah because so and so thinks I should do this. I should because insert reason. Shoulding often gets a lot of time and thought about doing it but it never gets done. Stop that and do what you want to and need to. Drink deeply of who you are ao you can get it done. Where are you doing things that don’t feel good in the core of you? How many shoulds are on your list?



Pile Two
The Unmade Bed & Play

Have some fun and play. It is INTENSE right now and OVERWHELMINGLY overwhelming. You are not alone in that, just so you know. Your job this next week is to have some fun and bring play into your daily life. Use the disruption to create good memories for you and your family. Do things you don’t have time for. Have dance parties and sing to silly pop songs. Where are you making it more difficult? How can play help you ease up on things? What sounds fun right now?

Pile Three
The Deflated Ballon & Wisdom

You know what is wise? Taking it easy if you are exhausted. It is time to take it easy and know that you can’t go full tilt all the time while freaking out over what’s going on in the world. That road leads to collapse. Find ways to nurture yourself and fill you up. Plan the garden, write, meditate do what helps you feel better. Feeling better will make life easier and that’s a big thing. Are you pushing yourself too hard? What can you do to slow down?


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