It is okay to stall out - Card Reveal
Card Reveal

It is okay to stall out – Card Reveal

There are times you start a big project and it stalls out for no real reason. That’s what happened with Windows into Worlds.

It stalled out.


There’s no real reason this happened. My love for the project is still strong and I love the concept of peeping into different Universes.


What’s not happening about the stall is creating a dialogue of sucking and not being good enough. There’s no judgement around it and Windows into Worlds being about half finished. I love what’s done and love what’s still in process.


It is okay to stall out - Card Reveal

Will I come back to it? Maybe, the truth is I am not sure at this point. But who knows what the future holds. This stall was pre-covid. If you have a covid stall just be okay with it if you can.


The main point is do be a jerk to you if something stalls out on you. Let it linger or imply move on from it. Be nice to you.


Now the reveal

It is okay to stall out - Card Reveal

This week’s decks are the Ceccoli Oracle, Starchild Akashic Tarot,

Windows into Worlds Oracle deck.


Pile One
Card 1, The Chariot, & Angel

There’s a lot of energy movement coming in for you. Your job is to enjoy it. Let it flow and be processed. This will help later on when you start in on a new project. There will be less there to get in the way. Where do you feel this coming in?

It is okay to stall out - Card Reveal

Pile Two
Card 27, 7 of Crystals, & Fecund

At times you are asked to give more then feels comfy. It is going to stretch your boundaries in a good way. It will help you move past some stories you tell yourself that are now too small. Giving a bit more then you feel okay with is going to help move out. This is not giving up everything or burning out. It is a bit more and has limits to it. Where do things feel too tight?

It is okay to stall out - Card Reveal

Pile Three
Card 2, Page of Swords, & Flow

You may have that urge to put the brakes on it all. But right now you want to go with it and flow along. All three of these card have a strong flow vibe going on. The Page of Swords brings in the quick mind to know which way you want to flow. It will also help with which items, not everything needs to flow strongly at one time. You can simmer things in the background.

It is okay to stall out - Card Reveal