Weekly Card Reveal

It is time for the Card Reveal!

It is time for the Card Reveal!


This feels like a contact point for myself and others right now. A small point of normalcy in a world that is very uncertain at the moment. Let’s all take a deep breathe.


Inhale gently and exhale softly.
Repeat as needed.


You are going to feel all the feels right now. Some of those feels are not going to be fun ones and you will be scared of what’s happening and what might happen. That simply makes you very normal.


It is time for the Card Reveal!

One day may be better then another. The other week for me was really super emotional and I burst into tears after brekkie and before leaving home to go to the grocery.


This week I am fine for the most part it is no where near as bad as last week. Even though I was a tad late getting the Cosmic Shadow Flight forecast out. It was not on my radar during the bad week or in my recovering from it. You aren’t going to be your norm.


It is okay to feel what you are feeling.



Take pictures of the wonder in your world such as this sunrise.


Invent new holidays and find things to keep you somewhat even.


Cream Week is now a thing in my world. Strawberry shortcake with clouds of whipped cream, icebox cake, Alfredo sauce, and whatever else I have enough cream for.


BTW: There will be a blog next Friday but no card reveal taking it off for my very fun shelter in place birthday. Most likely involving cream food.


This weeks decks are Sacred Rebels, Homemade affirmation deck, and Chakra/Worlds Cards


Pile One
Inner Trust, Cosmic Spirit, and Joyous Heart Glow


You need to trust yourself and what you are feeling. Doubting it is not going to help you out. Take a good look at where you have a strong inner knowing and then talk you out of it. How much energy did it take to talk you out of it? A lot of time and energy goes into creating self doubt. What if you were to put all that energy into trusting you and acting on the inner knowing? Where do you not trust yourself? Why is this, did you do it wrong once?


It is time for the Card Reveal!


Pile Two
Be the Hunter, Not the Hunted, Triangle of Light, and I am Creative


Feeling it this week? you job is to get creative in your life right now. No waiting until you are free to go where you want. Start this practice of creating the life you want NOW. This can be making yummy dinners and trying new recipes, yoga/exercise, coloring books, or doodles. This can be anything! Where are you using your brain to have fun with the creative? Is your definition of the creative too narrow?

Me: I have a mordant for eco printing and dyeing going. One more week till it is done.


It is time for the Card Reveal!


Pile Three
Restore and Replenish, Soul Star, and I am Magick


Take it easy and be nice to yourself because there is a lot going on. Trying to work form home, teach the kids, housework, make dinner, deal with meltdowns is a lot to do. Dump the stress of dealing with all that’s happening outside of the home. Everyone is exhausted and tender. Step back from force and be super gentle with yourself, everyone in it, and strangers too. Where do you feel you need to over perform? Can you ease up on yourself? What would that look like?


It is time for the Card Reveal!


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