Join me for the upcoming Energy Workshops

Move your energy!


I’ve been told this and told others this!


But what is and how do you do it?


That’s a big question that doesn’t get addressed a lot of times. Energy, moving and clearing it, along with dealing with comes with being an empath, sensitive, or medium. There’s a lot to deal with in the body and mind let alone what can follow you home.


Join me for the upcoming Energy Workshops

The first time something weird happen was when I was seven. There was a creepy marionette sitting on the top shelf of my closet. It was bedtime and time to sleep and there’s that creepy thing sitting up there watching me.


So, I did what any seven year old would do. I got my mom involved. The only problem was she couldn’t see anything. For her there was nothing there. Which was a bit frustrating because I could still see it, she never said I didn’t see it so kudos to her. It did go away but I knew I was dealing with something mom had no clue about.


It is freaky enough as an adult when this happens and scary as kid with no tools to use.


Join me for the upcoming Energy Workshops

Most of my life has been piecing together practices and techniques that work. That way I don’t have to deal with creepy things in my home that I don’t want there or attaching themselves to me.


In the Heart Light Transmission group there’s a series starting at the beginning of how to work with your energy and use it to your advantage. We will start with the basics and work our way into the more advanced things you can do with your energy.


It is going to be fun so come on over and join us.

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A few of the topics will be…


Getting to know your energy
What lives with you and why it is there
Cleansing and Clearing Energy
And other energy related topics


Join us today and get started.


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