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July Energy Forecast, What’s in your way?

What are you backing away from and why?


Can you step into it?


July Energy Forecast, What's in your way?

Me? I’ve been stepping into my relationship with money and how it is impacting the rest of my life. What lurks below is the the deep seated fear of being a failure. Even though I know failing really isn’t that bad in the long run.


You learn a ton about you even if it is not as fun. Failure teaches you lessons that you can’t learn from succeeding. It can hurt at times to fail but look beyond it when that starts to fade.


Because when I started looking below the surface about me trying to be so small you can’t see. You can’t harm me. I know where it starts. I know why it started.


It kept me safe. It protected me as much as it could when I was a teen.


Still living from that is not something I need now even though it still creeps in. It still is there in the background murmuring. The work with this is ongoing. It relates to money because If I am not out there. I am not seen. I don’t make money. I will never get to my full potential.

I used to ponder genetic memory. That my memory is passed via DNA. Turns out those random musings in the mid 80’s are turning out to be true.


Circle back to me trying to hide, be small, and you unfold a bigger creature then I ever thought about.


Women were and are killed for speaking out. It is a real fear. It happens still. To be maligned for speaking truth. Torn down, harmed mentally and physically.


Know the wound, goes much deeper and spans centuries.


Eclipse Season starts in July and then move into the Lion’s gate. It is time to step into Seen and Heard to become a force of nature as womxn.


Step into who you are and who you can be. Without your healing and courage as a womxn you can’t heal the future. You can’t heal the present. You can’t heal the past.


Healing starts today.


July Energy Forecast!


Decks used this month are the Lightworkers Oracle, the Oracle of Visions, & my handmade Affirmation Deck.


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