Goddess 2016

Kaun Yin

Kaun Yin


I’m not even really sure how Kaun Yin showed up in my life. I didn’t really seek her out. At least that’s how I feel about it. Memory can be fleeting, she just kind of slipped into my life without me thinking too much about it.


She’s really the first goddess dealing in love and compassion that I worked with. Eris, Persephone, and Lilith are so very different from Kaun Yin. I think she showed up in my life to remind me to be nice to me. To bring self love in so I can be who I really am.


Kaun Yin

Kaun Yin lies below my skin luminous and loving. She’s helped me shuck off the energy of the abuse my peers heaped on me. She helped me start to see that I could be fine without that energy. But she did not do it in a wave it in your face way. She’s so much more subtle than the strong female energies I’ve worked with at that point in time.


I remember at the Golden Braid in Salt Lake City they had these wonderful statuettes of her. How I wanted one they were so lovely and I kept visiting them. One day they went on sale and took the plunge and bought one. I remember it being a fair amount of money for a college student. She’s the only goddess I have a statue of.


Kaun Yin is a goddess who we need in this crazy beginning to the 21st century. She calls us to be love, to be compassion, be kind, and spread joy through all you do and all you touch.



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