Card Reveal

Keep it personal and imperfect! Card Reveal

One thing I see a lot is the need to get it right with a spiritual practice. You all put too much pressure on yourselves to get it perfect, just that other person did.


Spiritual practices are a very personal thing. You do NOT need to do it like someone else. It doesn’t have to be perfect. The mess ups are often where the laughter and beauty find a way in.


BTW: If someone tells you this is the only way.

Get out of there and do it quickly.


There are many ways to do it.

The best way being yours.


Keep it personal and imperfect! Card Reveal

Can you get inspiration from others? YES! If you are new to doing it on your own following someone else’s ritual or a workshop can help you get experience to create your own.


Once you start bringing the fun and inspiration the need to be that perfect starts to move on. It also lets you start to make it up as you go. That really brings intuition into what you are doing.


There’s beauty and wonder in it all.

Enjoy yourself!


Before I forget I’ll see you September with the next reveal.


Treat yourself to a hand painted affirmation deck.


The Reveal!

Keep it personal and imperfect! Card Reveal

Decks are Starchild Akashic Tarot & Ceccoli Oracle. This is a favorite pairing.

Pile One
King of Wands & Card 3

Are you sitting back and watching the action? King of Wands suggests you take a more active role in what’s going on. It doesn’t even have to be huge. Move a rock that’s been asking for a ride, it can be that simple.

Keep it personal and imperfect! Card Reveal

Pile Two
King of Cups & Card 20

Feeling emotional lately? That everyone is watching you and by that those you can’t see. Yeah, them! They are waiting for you to say the word and invite them in. They will help you sort out the emotions. Angelic as said to me. If an angel keeps popping up, say hello.

Keep it personal and imperfect! Card Reveal

Pile Three
Justice & Card 4

Are you keeping score? The feel here is knowing and watching what’s happening. To keep the records for later. This is very much a watching and learning energy. What needs to be decolonized in your life? Misogyny is another that comes to mind. It is the big things you are observing.

Keep it personal and imperfect! Card Reveal

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