Card Reveal

Keep on Evolving your Spirituality – Card Reveal

Spirituality is a constantly evolving creature. Your practice should not be the same one you had five years ago. Partly because you have changed and that is good.


Spirituality grows and changes with you.


This is very important to remember when your life change and what used to be AWESOME feels stressful. It will also not look like someone else’s. What I can do single and a cat slave is very different from someone with kids and a spouse of some kind.


Keep on Evolving your Spirituality - Card Reveal

The point here is you can’t compare because we are all different. We are at different points in life, time levels, and physical realities.


One of the things that came out of my year working with Shift is how do I modify my physical practices for people who aren’t as mobile. How can that translate for them? If you can’t do a practice because of whatever reason Don’t! If you feel you can modify it to work for you do so!


There is no one way!

And if someone tells you that there is run away and run fast.



Here’s a meditation for you!

Now the Reveal!

Keep on Evolving your Spirituality - Card Reveal

This week’s deck is the Journey of Love. Like this book a reading!

Pile One: Heaven

So what is feeling good and what’s not? Things have changed over the last year or so and you aren’t the same person. That means what used to feel Heavenly might not anymore. It is good to let that change and become what it needs to be for things to feel a bit more like Heaven. Where are you working from what no longer works.

Keep on Evolving your Spirituality - Card Reveal

Pile Two: The Swan

Take sometime this week to look at how you use grace in all you do. Are you graceful when things go sideways, when things are good, or both? This means you strive for the graceful and not freaking out on someone who may not deserve it. It is not perfection but a continual journey to be more. How is this showing up and in what manner?

Keep on Evolving your Spirituality - Card Reveal

Pile Three: Eruption of Light

Set it free! You need to let that light that lives inside out for all to see. It can be scary to do this and feel very much as if you are revealing it all. But! You need this you need to free up what’s being held way to tight in your energy. Freeing it up will be a good thing. What is being micromanaged in your life by you?

Keep on Evolving your Spirituality - Card Reveal

Wild Card: Falling

What if you need to fall? That change in perspective can be helpful. You don’t even need a big fall to have this happen. It can be a tiny one. The trick is going to be to one enjoy Falling a much as you can. Then know you are not looking at the matter at hand in the same way. You want to shift and see things. Different views bring in different information. Where are seeing the same old thing over and over?

Keep on Evolving your Spirituality - Card Reveal