Keep the Angst Down and the Card Reveal
Weekly Card Reveal

Keep the Angst Down and the Card Reveal

Mercury Retrograde starts tomorrow!


It tends to inspire dread in a lot of people but with a few simple tweaks you can have a fairly successful one. Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be one full of angst and trying to not sink.


Give yourself plenty of time to get places and do things. This has to be my number one tip for Mercury Retrograde. It will make loads of difference when it goes sideways on you.


Keep the Angst Down and the Card Reveal

Forcing it is not going to be what works. Something not working, go get something else done. Because what happens is you spend a long time trying to get it to work instead of accomplishing anything.


By backing off from something that’s not working in Mercury Retrograde and getting something done you end up frustrated with nothing done. This used to be me.

Once I stopped trying to make what was not working, work, life got better during Mercury Retrograde. Instead of working on the thing that is not working, I’d go do something else.

Which feels tons better because you get another thing done instead of nothing. Even if you have a deadline back off it is not going well. Come back later or another day. Mercury Retrograde will be so much better if you follow this simple tip.


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Now the Reveal


Keep the Angst Down and the Card Reveal

This week’s deck is the Mystical Dream Tarot.

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Card One
Carrier of Dreams


Are you carrying your dreams or are you burying was the first thing that popped into my mind. That means you need to support your dreams. Look at how you can create them instead of telling them you can’t. Build yourself up with positive words. The Dream may show up in an unexpected manner but you need to support it and give it room to grow. If you realize that it is not what you want, look at if you change it a bit. Will it work with that change? If you do realize you are working on something you no longer want it is all right to stop working that Dream, realization is not failure.


Keep the Angst Down and the Card Reveal


Card Two
Seven of Swords

Say it with me you are not an imposter. Now say it on your own and keep saying it until you know it to be true. Even if you know nothing about what you want to do, you still aren not an imposter. All if you go around making up lies about yourself, I’ll let you call yourself am imposter. I bet you are not doing that, are you? So, remember you are worthy, you know enough, and you are not an imposter. Imposter syndrome will eat up all your energy and time. It is so not worth it. You have better things to do with both of those.


Keep the Angst Down and the Card Reveal


Card Three
The Priestess of Dreams


Hey, Universe here I am hear me! Start putting what you are creating out there. Simply state it aloud to yourself. Shout it out to the world, tell everyone you know. How you start this conversation with the Universe is up to you. It can be small or huge, it is up to you and that means there is no right or wrong way to pursue this dream you want. But a large part right now is acknowledge it, say it, verbalize it, and then keep doing that. That first step can be more then a bit scary to do and it is ready to leap to the end and wonder if it will work. Stay in the present with this for the moment, don’t project into the future.


Keep the Angst Down and the Card Reveal


Wild Card
Three of Wands


What are the signs coming to you and are you ignoring them? This has the feel of not paying attention. Things are right in front of you and you can’t see them. Slow down, take some time off, and let yourself not whiz past what’s already here. It can be all too easy to get going so fast with your nose down, getting it done, staying in the lane. Then next thing you know you missed out on several things you know you wanted because you were too focused. Bump out of this rut of speed working with some rest. That way you can see what is right here, right now.


Keep the Angst Down and the Card Reveal



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