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Lend Me Your Fears

Lend me your fears….


“Come out of your tears
Lend me your fears
And fly away”


The Human Game by Lisa Gerrard

I was listening to the song above the other night when this part of the lyric stood out for me. They popped right on out to me and the thought came to mind this is part of what I do. When I do a reading you lend me your fears so you can fly away.



Lend Me Your Fears

There is a lot of vulnerability in getting a reading. You open yourself up to someone and let them read your energy and what’s on your mind at that moment. This for me is the most humbling experience being allowed to connect with your energy to provide you with the best reading I can. So many times there is fear there especially fear of not being good enough, not being something you should be. It can be heartbreaking because you are what you think you are not. You are what you believe that you are not, you are divinity. You are good enough and more often that not you know enough.


It can be hard to set fear aside and trust yourself and that’s where someone like me comes in. You let me borrow your fears so you can fly and find your bliss. You let us see the inner you, that luminous being of light that is what you truly are. We get to see your shining love that all too often is buried under the fears.


Shedding this fear helps you to fly and don’t be worried that your energy worker is absorbing your fear we ground it out and let the Earth and the Universe absorb and dissolve it. Being happy, safe, secure, and you are birthrights not privileges. You are born to be a wonderful creature in this world and to learn the lesson of love and self love.


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