Let's talk perfection and Card Reveal!
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Let’s talk perfection and Card Reveal!

Let’s talk about one of my favorite topics



I used to describe myself as a perfectionist who pretended I wasn’t one. But the truth is was super wildly hard on myself. It wasn’t a good thing and nothing was ever perfect enough or good enough. That gave me the chance to tell myself over and over I could do better and needed to.


Let's talk perfection and Card Reveal!

It wasn’t a great feeling to never ever meet expectations. Frankly it was exhausting. Change was needed and thank the Gods for Helena Bonham Carter and her perfectionism is overrated quote.


That is a truth.

Here’s what I do now if when the perfectionism trap tries to suck me back in!


Let's talk perfection and Card Reveal!

Did you do you best?

Chances are you did more than your best. This makes it not a fail.


Did you learn?

What was learnt in the process? This important because it takes the emphasis away from the non-perfect creation. My bet is you learned a lot. That make it a win.


Did it work out?

Somethings take on a life of their own and turn into completely other creatures and others just do not work out. That’s okay! It is not a value judgement about you. You are still Super AWESOME!


Take a step back!

Art helps me with this because there are times it simply is not what you want and frustration sets in. Step back take a break for a day or a week. Come back with a fresh mind and eyes. Chances are you will wonder jut why you were frustrated. Or you have a new concept of the approach.


The more you can do this the better off you will feel when you don’t like something. Perfectionism is not doing a good job it is a form of overthinking, at least for me. It can fall into a myriad of categories depending on how you use.


Be happy, don’t be perfect!



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Let's talk perfection and Card Reveal!


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Now The Reveal!

Let's talk perfection and Card Reveal!

Piles are The Gateway Oracle and the 8th House Tarot.

Pile One
Cherishing Self & 4 of Fire

Self love and Venus in this pile hello treat yourself right! It is like that Pat Benetar song but only you doing the treating right. All too many of us are harsher to ourselves them others. That includes people who have done some super shitty stuff too. Do something nice for you and keep on doing nice things for yourself. Do you ignore your own needs and how is that working out?

Song for this Pile Treat Me Right – Pat Benetar

Let's talk perfection and Card Reveal!

Pile Two
Breaking Barriers & 2 of Air

If you won’t make a choice to break on through to the other side. You will just stay where you are bound up in the fear of making the wrong choice. But not making any choice is going to more stagnating then making the wrong one. You can learn from wrong choices but when you make the choice not to act. All too often what happens is the quagmire and nothing moving, you get stuck in a rut and old concepts. It gets harder and harder to get free of it. What choice is happening and will you make it?

Song for this Pile The Doors – Break on Through

Let's talk perfection and Card Reveal!

Pile Three
Coming into Power & King of Earth

There’s some big and bold energy that you can step into of you want to. I do suggest you at least stick a toe or two into it. Because it is a good thing. A very good thing a that will take you form one place to another quickly. You know the thing you are working into this is part of it, the energy to help you get through the next aspect of it. It is easy to freak out about the big energy, it is good, say hello at least. What have you worked towards and are you willing to take the next steps?

Song for this Pile Florence and the Machine – Big God

Let's talk perfection and Card Reveal!

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Let's talk perfection and Card Reveal!