Light Language Audios

Light Language Audios


Move beyond what you can see into what you know in your soul?


You are ever evolving.

Understand your intuition.

Access the sacred core of Self.


“Your singing with the crystal pyramid is sacred wisdom that reached directly into my soul and vibrated my DNA with truth! I felt encased in the womb of the universe while I was soothed and lulled with the tenderest vibrations of spoken word.”



Light Language Audios

Light Language can do this for you and all you need do is listen. Let the waves that come from it into your life.


Light Language will create space in your life. Let you, let go of what you hold tight and dear but impedes and creates barriers you see as blocks. These perceived blocks can melt away when you work with Light Language.


You can live your life full of love, compassion, empowerment. Light Language Transmissions help you do this. They are a reminder of your true heart soul and all you have to do is listen and be willing to step into your true self to become more you.

Shine out in all you do.

Sound changes mood. It changes how you feel about yourself in a second. It creates healing in your soul.


Are you ready to step into this?


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Beth - Light Language AudiosWhen Light Language formally came into my life. I started seeing script when my eyes were closed and veins of light popped in and out of my dimension. For a long time I only transmitted for myself.

Eventually I realized that I’d been accessing transmissions for decades. I just thought I was singing gibberish. This so explains my love of Liz Frazer from Cocteau Twins “rhyming cockney” and Lisa Gerard’s phonetic system for singing. They are both very close to glossolalia and Light Language. Both have influenced me musically for decades and are an integral part of my work with sound.

Light Language lets me access sound to expand, to morph, to create parameters I never dreamed of.