Goddess 2016




Last year I decided to chronicle what I did at each of the eight Sabbats. About three of them in I realized I didn’t really do much for the majority of them and started to feel really lame. This year I decided to write about my exploration of the divine feminine and my experiences with the Goddesses I work with.



Lilith oh sweet, Lilith. Can I tell you how much I love her, it is too great to express. She brought out my fierceness and willingness to address wrongs. She is a dark goddess and one that empowers us when we work with her. Her stories deal with women and power. How men fear the power of the divine feminine that refuses to conform. She is in many ways the first feminist and it is her defiance that drew me to her.


Lilith came to me in a time when I needed her so much and she helped guide me through some times that I felt my power had been torn away. I needed to find it again. She helped me to find my power. There is safety in the darkness of night that we can hide in and conceal in order to heal, she helped bring healing to me.


Much of my life the dark has felt more safe than the light, the light let’s you bee seen and torn down. The dark well they can’t see you hiding. Lilith will give you relief and healing in the dark but she will also kick your butt out of that nice dark nest into the light. She hides, she shrieks, she brings to many protection and to others destruction. Lilith is not always kind, often blunt and knowing in her dealings. She sure is not going to lie to you.



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