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Linotte, The Sorcerer Maid

Linotte, The Sorcerer Maid


I love fiction and will reread favorites over and over.  Fiction is used at times in my personal mythic system. I read the Porcelain Dove sometime in the 90’s and it stuck with me enough that I put Linotte in the goddess tiles I created.


Linotte: The Sorcerer Maid

What struck me about her was she wasn’t having any of it she wasn’t going to ignore what was happening. Linotte wasn’t going to sit by while the curse on her family was active. She went out into the world to fix it, and fix its he did in the end.


Modern fiction is a powerful creature that all too often gets dismissed as a source when it comes to modern incarnations of the Goddess. It all too often feels like that Goddesses ended long ago and we don’t get any new ones.


When we cease to expand out faith and spirituality it dries up, becomes to set in its ways. Fiction gives us sources to create new ways of relating to the divine feminine. This growth keeps things fresh and new, helps to find new paths to walk and ways to create magick. This is why the Sorcerer Maiden, Linotte is part of my personal pantheon.


Ninhursag, Lady of the Mountains

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