Lion’s Gate Portal Is Here and Card Reveal!
Weekly Card Reveal

Lion’s Gate Portal Is Here and Card Reveal!

Lion’s Gate Portal Is Here!


I love the Lion’s Gate Portal but it can leave you feeling a bit wiped out. The energy is super strong and the Lion’s Gate has a strong transformative aspect to it.


Take some time today to figure out what you want to transform and how you will do it. That’s the work you start it engage with as the gate fully opens on August eighth.

Lion’s Gate Portal Is Here and Card Reveal!

How do you do this?

You can start with this meditation.

Write down what you want to let go of on paper and burn it or tear it up. Flash paper is really nice if you are indoors. If outside take fire precautions.


To open new energy flows take a few deep breaths and let your personal energy expand. Let it mingle with the Universe and ask for what you need for your highest good.


To transform start with who you want to be. Picture that in your head and send it out to the Universe. Give this enough room to grow with you. As you transform this will do so with you.


Need more help book a Soul Dream reading.



Here’s the Reveal!

Lion’s Gate Portal Is Here and Card Reveal!

Card One
Queen of Cups

What is overflowing in your life? This may simply be too many feels, know that’s okay to feel all your feels. There’s many of them to be felt with so much going on in the world. On the other hand if you are trying to please everyone all the time, just stop. STOP it right now. You can’t make them happy and keep them happy. That is not your job. Where do you need to feel more and maybe express it somehow? Do you try to make everyone all okay, all the time? How does that feel?


Lion’s Gate Portal Is Here and Card Reveal!

Card Two

Hey, at least it isn’t the Tower! This is a card that freaks peeps out. The thing is it is about transformation and what you can create in yourself. You are ready to step into your change and it will feel empowering to do this knowingly. Let change in and let the Lion’s Gate Portal help to fuel it. Where do you need some more movement in your life? How is change good? What if it is wonderful and just what you needed?


Lion’s Gate Portal Is Here and Card Reveal!

Card Three
Six of Wands

That feeling of working and trying and doing the work but it never gets anywhere. This is not a fun feeling to have in your life. It makes everything feel more tight and constricted. You must be doing it wrong because so and so did this and it worked. Why won’t it work for me? WHY? It feels like you have no control and can’t get where you want to. Feel it, knowledge it, and then stop working from that parameter. You may still be slogging along but it is time to change the story around it. Where do you feel it is not happening? How can you create a new story for it? What’s in that story that makes life better?


Lion’s Gate Portal Is Here and Card Reveal!

Wild Card
Eight of Pentacles

You have loads of energy but it is not being focused. Focus is sometimes elusive these days. Make the most of the days when you are focused and can get it done. So, on the days when you can’t get it together you don’t feel as stressed. This is a bit up and down for all of us. What was is not necessary what is or how you function now. Know you are not alone in being very uneven in focusing even when you have stuff you love and are excited about. Where do you try to force focus? How’s that working out for you? How can you just go with it each day?

Lion’s Gate Portal Is Here and Card Reveal!

Music Affirmation Card

Where is the beauty in your story?


Lion’s Gate Portal Is Here and Card Reveal!


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