Lion’s Gate Portal Workshop & the Rundown

The Rundown


It is a New Moon tonight

Put it to work for you and figure out where you are right now. By doing this you will have a good solid direction for the Lion’s Gate on August 8th. Here’s the Moon ritual for you to use.


Lion's Gate Portal Workshop & Monthly Forecast


Mercury goes direct today.

That means if you get whammied by the shadow it is your turn to have some fun. Tech was a big issue over this Mercury in Retrograde keep up on back ups and babying tech for a couple more weeks.


The Lion’s Gate Portal is fully open on August 8th.

Good time to take advantage of it and let what needs to transform do so. There’s a workshop on August 7th at 5 PM Mountain, 7 PM Eastern you can step through the Lion’s Gate Portal with me.


The link to last years Lion’s Gate Portal meditation.


Lion’s Gate Portal Ramble

In the Lion’s Gate Portal workshop

You will explore ways to work with the lions gate and step through it with a short guided meditation. Find out what the Lion’s Gate can do for you. This is part of the Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast.


Perseid Meteor Shower Peak Mid August

Go take a gander at the sky and catch a meteor shower. You have to have some fun in all the big energies going down! The last two years it has been cloudy or a full moon where I am so not so great for star gazing.


Jupiter goes direct and Uranus goes retrograde August 11th.

Leadership issues should start to ease up as Jupiter goes direct.


Uranus Rx deals in well change on a soul level. You can step into the change and transform or you can run from it and stagnate. You need to be wiling to be wide open with this retrograde and let it into your life even if you only stick you toe into it’s waters. The more you run the harder it will get. Keep you eye on loose ends and the overwhelming urge to shout “I do it! All by myself.”

This dudes in retrograde until the beginning of January so you have time to get to know him.


Full Moon in Gemini

On the 15th of August embrace your mutable self and let in anything that needs to transform. Don’t get caught up in contradictions say yes to them. They are what make you unique!


New Moon in Virgo

August 30th  is time to take a look at where you are and make any course corrections you need to do. Virgos like to get it sorted and all in order so use that energy to do so. Keep in mind each Virgo has a different definition of what getting it sorted and in order looks like.


If all else fails just keep breathing!


Last weeks Blog Lost in Time & the Faery’s of the Future vid.

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