Live Autumnal Equinox Ritual

Equinox Ritual for Self Blessing


Pause for moment and check in with yourself.

How do you feel? What thoughts about self are happening?

Are you judging how you feel?

If you are you are not alone. And if you aren’t kudos to you!


Knowing where you are emotionally is important to knowing what’s going on with your well being. It is easy to want to get rid of difficult emotions. Society also tends to encourage this by telling you to buck up, get over it, move on…

All of which aren’t very helpful when you aren’t feeling super duper emotionally for whatever reason.


This is now part of the Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast.


The emphasis of this ritual will be to bring in self love by doing a self blessing.


Live Autumnal Equinox Ritual

Why bless ourselves?


It is a reminder that all of you is worthy, sacred, and holy. That perfect is not what makes you any of those. It is your ability to meet yourself and in turn others where they are.

Self witnessing and validating teaches you how to show up for yourself. That will spill over into your life. It will help you remember not to give advice when all someone needs is to be seen and heard.

Seeing, hearing, validating, bearing witness is empowering. Having someone else let you know they hear and see you can be all they really need.


You can start with you!


This ritual will focus on you as a whole not just the parts you like to witness. You will have the chance to embrace the challenging aspects of self along with all the stuff that’s easy to validate.



The Equinox Ritual for Self Blessing will take place September 18th @ 5 PM Mountain, 7 PM Eastern get your invite here.



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