Long Time No Chat and Card Reveal
Card Reveal

Long Time No Chat and Card Reveal

Long time no Chat!

We are back!

Ended up not feeling so hot first week of April and then took the next week off for the New Moon Birthday event.


There’s a bunch of stuff coming up so here’s the line up for it.

Long Time No Chat and Card Reveal

First is a Not So Live Workshop!


We’ll be learning how to connect to “Human” type entities such as Faery and Angels. How do they show up? Signs Someone may be trying to connect you and how to reach out to them.

Yeah, I put “human” in quotes because they aren’t. There can points that things can get sticky with these peeps. Knowing how to stay in their good graces is always a good idea.


It is going to fun so get on the list to get in on it.
It will go out April 26th.


Long Time No Chat and Card Reveal


Pluto is gonna be RX!


I may be the only person who is jonesing for a retrograde! Pluto is going retrograde at the end of them month. You can pick up the Pluto Retrograde forecast for it next week sometime.

Pluto can rock your socks or drag you deep into the Underworld it really depends on how you think about deep transformation.


The May Day Sale is also coming up May 1st and 2nd Large and Medium readings are half off. So, if you want to try me on this is a good time.


Long Time No Chat and Card Reveal

Ending the lineup with another Not So Live Workshop!
The date’s not set for this one.



Stone – Plant – Animal


In this workshop we are going to deal with the non “human” entities. Which are really informative to work with but they learning curve tends to be steeper because the language leans towards non-verbal.


There’s so much that can be learned from allies. Working with tress for the last 25 years is super rewarding and my half a decade or so with Snake has been in a nutshell transforming.


Get on the list to get in on it.


This week’s video!


Check out the Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast




The Reveal!

Long Time No Chat and Card Reveal

This week’s decks are! The Earth Magic, Oracle of Visions, and Morgan Greer Tarot

Pile One
Forest – Breath, Card 25, & Four of Wands

Take a deep breath and let yourself see what’s been accomplished. Stop feeding the I didn’t get it done energy and see what did get done. Bet it is more then you made it out to be in your head. Part of embracing your magickal self is not tearing yourself down over a perception. Where do you go after yourself and why?


Long Time No Chat and Card Reveal

Pile Two
Crystals – Focus, Card 43, & King of Rods


Get that focus on what you want it to be and get out of the stories you are telling yourself. Stories can help you get to where you want to go but sometimes they can have you ignoring what’s in your face. Bring that focus back into the NOW and what’s happening. Take a good look at what opportunities are getting ignored. Can you be more open to how something might show up?


Long Time No Chat and Card Reveal

Pile Three
Dance – Celebration, Card 35, & The Chariot


It is all going so fast and you don’t know what to do about how fast it is going! You can pull inward and be self reflective and celebrate how quick things are happening. It is perfectly fine to need time and to be excited about what is happening, the two are not mutually exclusive. Let yourself feel the full complexity of what’s happening. Are you feeling conflicted over your emotions?


Long Time No Chat and Card Reveal


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Long Time No Chat and Card Reveal