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Love: Word of the year

2014 was a crazy year for me, crazy in a good way but wow so much happened. This was the year that I stopped waiting to restart my life. I’d put me on hold for various reasons and came to the conclusion that well, it was just plain old dumb to continue on with that. So I took me off pause and opened up to all of me and what life has to offer. It felt good, it still feels good.

 Love: Word of the year

I concluded that your year card knows it is in your life and will influence you whether you know what it is or not. Mine for 2014 was Death and even before I sat down and did the math it popped up over and over. Death really helped me take my life off hold and make the changes I needed and still need to make to have a business and love my life.


Painting came back into my life. I’d forgotten how much I need a creative outlet to keep me balanced out and in the flow of me. I stopped painting when I started quilting but since Grandma’s B.’s death I just haven’t felt that calling at all. I pulled out the paints and started mucking around with them and oh man creativity just opened up on all levels. So very awesome.


My first and second 40 day Sadhanas were done in 2014. I tried many a time and failed at this. Sadhana number two has turned into a 90 day one and I haven’t missed a day. Woot! Sitting down everyday for 11 minutes to do my chant takes a discipline that I didn’t know was in me. It’s become a habit now, one I rather enjoy. It sets my vibe for the day.


My word for 2014 was Forward and I have to say I feel that it was appropriate and that it happened. I went forward in so many ways other than what I have accounted to you or thought I would. It’s weird that I’ve become attached to the Death card and am having to create an intent to move into the Hierophant in 2015. Lot’s of teaching and being taught, I am very looking forward to working with this card for the year.


The word of the year idea still really appeals to me and I kept trying to pick something out that was Hierophant related and nothing was coming. Nothing, just some mental crickets, chirping away. But after asking my Guides a question to which they replied with a mantra in Gurmukhi. It popped into my head. It finally came to me.


My word for 2015 is Love



How to pick out a word fo the year.

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