Wheel of the Year

Lunasa: Wheel of the Year



Lunasa is almost here. This is the start of the harvest festivals and celebrating the bounty that is summer. It is also around this time that really shows just how boring my sabbats are. Probably doesn’t help that the tradition I initiated into just had a party, got together and hung out.

Lunasa: Wheel of the Year

Lunasa is a sun holiday it is hot, it’s still very much summer and the first harvest is starting to come in. Since I live in Montana and the harvest isn’t quite here yet for me. Too high up for things to grow fast so that tends not to be my focus. Feel free to adapt things to what works for you, the climate has changed since the people who thought them up were here.


This is a holiday about abundance and that is going to be my focus this year. Reminding myself that I have so much more than I tend to think of. That is what I shall be reminding myself of this Lunasa. I’ll be manifesting a feeling of abundance in all areas of my life and inviting it in to move me forward to where I need to go.


Summer Solstice

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