Wheel of the Year

Mabon: Wheel of the Year

Mabon and Honoring the NOW!


Going to be honest I often forget about Mabon. Yep forget about it and if I can’t remember a Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year, it is Mabon. The other day I realized that I pay much more attentions to the non-solar holidays, than I do to the the Solar ones.


Mabon: Wheel of the Year

I don’t even have any plans to do anything for Mabon it’s sneaking up on me and it going to be here quick like and um yeah. I probably won’t do anything for it. It’s not like I dislike the Autumnal Equinox it is that it just means the days are going to get dark and we start waiting for the light to return.


What is really happening is I am thinking about Samhain (Halloween) and Yule. Hallows is my favorite once I realized what trick or treating is. As I go older it still offers a juiciness to it that never left me. Yule is Frigg’s day so that has revitalized the Winter Solstice experience. I honor her and my ancestors as I wait for the light to return.


Writing this makes me realize maybe I need to get into the now and enjoy Mabon and stop planning. I am going to make Mabon a day of being present and honoring the now.


Lunasa: Wheel of the Year

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