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Magnetic! Word of the Year and Processing Emotions with Art



That’s the energy I want to bring into 2021. When word auditions started abundance, magick, prosperous, and a bunch of other words were tried on. None really fit and none of them stuck.


Magnetic! Word of the Year & Processing Emotions with Art

Instead I started looking for a word that held the essence of all those words for me. That turned out to be magnetic. That’s what I went with.


The U.S.A  is going through a very scary time right now. Between the political situation and the pandemic it is overwhelming on a good day. Being productive when your neural networks are already on overload doesn’t work so well.


So if you don’t feel your normal and probably haven’t for a while, you are at what you can take and that’s all right. Find a way to step back and do something that makes you feel better. Not much happened for me after Wednesday last week.

Magnetic! Word of the Year & Processing Emotions with Art

I got my big film in on Friday, but mostly I did art. One spread in my art journal helped me process what was going on in my body over the events in D.C. This big stuff knocks you off your base because it is BIG! It takes a bit of time to regain a balance.


You can feel off or unwell as things process. The best thing you can do is be gentle with yourself as you regain your balance. One of the ways I do that is art. So I hit the art journal and spent Saturday working on the modifying a tarot deck project which you will see more of in the future.


Take care of your self and your loved ones.

Go out there and be the love in the world.


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Magnetic! Word of the Year & Processing Emotions with Art