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March Energy Forecast and Coffee Chat

Welcome to March!


There’s a strong feeling of what I still haven’t recovered or

processed last March,

how can it be March again!!!!

March Energy Forecast and Coffee Chat

Last year was intense and 2021 is following in its footsteps. It is different but still super intense. There’s a lot of fire showing up in the March Forecast. You do NOT want to start setting it on fire just because. Whatevering is not what you want to do with all this fire.



There is a point where destruction is not a bad thing but setting it on fire all of it might not be the best choice.

Pick what you want to get rid of and be very aware of why.


March Forecast!

Because you don’t have to burn it down to the ground you can go the creative route and transform it with all this fire. Transformation can still be challenging and sometimes painful. You need to confront that which is transforming and that is often the difficult part.

March Energy Forecast and Coffee Chat

In the end it is also the rewarding part!

Because you change something not working into something that does work.

That inner alchemy when all said and down feels so good.


Coffee Chat!


There’s also a Coffee Chat video up about what to expect from a reading, any reading from anyone. Because if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If someone is promising large amounts of money to pop into your life, take it with a grain of salt.


The thing is that big things take some effort and time on your part. Keep that in mind when you are watching or reading a collective energy reading especially. If a reader is telling you this will happen in a predictive manner be wary.


March Energy Forecast and Coffee Chat

What is going to get you somewhere is action steps. Most readings are an energetic map to get you on the way. They give you touchstones to use and guide yourself with. They can direct the work you are doing in your life and help you stay on track better.


Readings are not the end all be all of it. Things change and sometimes rapidly which means that the outcomes and paths change. If you ignore what’s changed and stick with the wishful thinking reading you do yourself a disservice.


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March Energy Forecast and Coffee Chat