Medium Tarot Reading

A personalized medium tarot reading


Is for peeps who need a booster energy to keep them going or confirmation that they are
where they need to be.

This is a great life navigation tool to keep you headed in the direction you want to go.


There are a lot of distractions out there. They suck your time and send you down roads you that you didn’t need to go down. You can take the long way or you can get the straight shot. The straight shots a lot more fun, trust me.

Medium Reading

A Medium reading can give you an energy

boost when you need one.

They propel you and help you stay the course with your transformative process. They keep you flowing on your way by being a check point.


These are very extremely extra intuitive I might use a template or I might not. More often then not, you give me the details and I pull cards and break them down into digestible chunks.


Examples of Medium Reading Templates are…

Amethyst Angel my second best seller. This is about you and your Angels getting in touch so you can transmute dark energy into high vibrations.

Create energetic shifts and let the Angels guide you through them. Which makes you an active participant in the change that creates space and ease in your life.

The Faery Godmother: Grace in Money Reading is also a popular choice.
Want to create a gratitude of celebration that keeps you in your money flow? Who doesn’t, eh? Also makes a great quarterly reading for a business.

It’s not about kicking down and blowing out blocks. It is about helping resolve and dissolve your money issues in the love of the soul. To let love do the work. Which feels so much more juicy then taking a hatchet to your blocks.

The 23 Skidoo a reading based in Discordian theorics. If you need to get unstuck and have a fire lit under your bum in a compassionate manner of course. This is a good choice. The chaos that comes form being stuck or confused is used to get you moving. Feeling chaotic? Let Eris help.

You can always ask for one these reading when you buy this option. Otherwise we work out what you want your topic to be and I sling some cards and break’em down for you.

All readings are based in love and compassion. How can the difficult be made more inviting yet still truth filled?


The goal is to empower you not make you feel like you got lost in the woods, worn out, and perplexed. It is all about finding a way for you to feel safe enough to explore your potentials.



In Bethland a Medium reading is any reading using 6 to 8 cards. Plus you get an Affirmation card tacked onto the end of the reading for you to use as your mantra. Email support to help you with questions or if you need a tool for your spiritual tool box.


Reasons to get a reading…

You are ready for a metamorphosis.
Need a different view.
Want to get a reading.
You want more sacred in your mundane.
Have a sticking point you can’t get worked out.
Because it is fun, meaningful, and transformative.

All readings are customized to your needs and you will receive a PDF of your reading in you inbox when it is done. I may use Tarot or Oracle cards.

Depending on when you order readings can be two weeks or more out from date booked.


Large Readings over here.


Haven’t worked with me before read this first!


Disclaimer: This is not predicting the future it is a form of coaching that uses Tarot and Oracle cards. This is not a substitute for medical, legal, or any other professional advice. All Tarot/Oracle card readings sales are final.