Mercury in the Shadow Phase and Card Reveal
Weekly Card Reveal

Mercury in the Shadow Phase and Card Reveal

Mercury is direct  and is in the shadow pahse which is always exciting for a Mercury Retrograde that’s had a messy component to it. It was not a clear cut one and there’s processing that started to happen with it.


It can be easy to blame things on Mercury in Retrograde partly because it gets a bad wrap and has three to four retrogrades a year. So you deal with it a lot. But much of what this retrograde dredged up was leftover from 2020 or earlier.


Pretty much no one has fully processed what happened next year and the themes that continue on that have their roots in 2020. Remember that when intense emotions show up. That’s part of the processing of deep emotions and the trauma.


Mercury in the Shadow Phase and Card Reveal

Give yourself a break and a pat on the back!

You are doing the best you can and that is a lot.


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Some signs that you are working through

some deep emotions are..


Feeling it in the body, aches and pains, digestive feeling off.

Short tempered or feeling snappy and overwhelmed.

Being tired, headaches.


These are all ways it can show up.

That said if you feel really off or unwell for a long that’s when

you need to go see a doctor.



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Here is the Reveal!

Mercury in the Shadow Phase and Card Reveal

Piles are the The Cosmic Tarot & InstaOracle

Pile One
The Star and Hollywood

You are your person with your own take on things and this is where you need to shine. It doesn’t have to be something big out in the world but it needs to be something big to you. Does that make sense. It is not about the immensity of something but the dearness of something. This shining needs to be close to your heart and full of love. Can you shine just for you? How is this showing up already?


Mercury in the Shadow Phase and Card Reveal

Pile Two
Eight of Pentacles & Light


If you never look at the dark you never get to fully look at the light. Things may feel tight and stuck in life at the moment. You even want to run from it and get away. It will not work, tried it. To be where you are right now is needed and discomfort is temporary. It can start to resolve and you don’t have to sit with it anymore. That’s how change takes place is in the liminal spaces. What are you avoiding and why? Can you sit with it for a few minutes?


Mercury in the Shadow Phase and Card Reveal


Pile Three
Seven of Pentacles 7 & Road


The first thing that popped into my mind is, “Well, this road sucks.” If it is sucking start to look for small things that can be changed. I do mean small such as more water and healthy food and a bit of movement. Then you can start to look at larger changes to make in mind set, keeping in mind systematic injustices are not a mind set issue, they are a systemic societal issue. There are times when all you can do is change you internally and that in turn can start to change other things. Where are you unhappy with your road and what can be changed? Are you prepared to make the same choice to change all the time?


Mercury in the Shadow Phase and Card Reveal

Light Code

Mercury in the Shadow Phase and Card Reveal


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