Mercury in Retrograde Reading

Mercury in Retrograde Reading


Mercury in Retrograde can be a time for tech gone wrong and communication misfires.


The Mercury in Retrograde reading is geared to helping you navigate the pitfalls and find ease in Mercury RX. This is the retrograde that’s been tracked and gotten attention out there with the muggles.


Mercury in Retrograde Reading

It is a great time to get your ideas out of you and start working on them.

Mercury Retrograde Reading can offer up creativity and productivity if you let it.


This reading is for you if
You are feeling stuck
Communications are breaking down
You want to flow
Need a course correction
Want to get creative


Make Mercury RX work for you and get it sorted.

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All readings are customized to your needs and you will receive a PDF of your reading in you inbox when it is done. I may use Tarot or Oracle cards.

Disclaimer: This is not predicting the future it is a form of coaching that uses Tarot and Oracle cards. This is not a substitute for medical, legal, or any other professional advice. All Tarot/Oracle card readings sales are final. Ordained ULC Minister