Mercury Rx is here get it sorted!

Mercury Rx is here get it sorted!


I know you are all very excited about this!


Mercury Retrograde gets a bad wrap due to the tech glitches and communication gone awry. It can get frustrating I know but when it comes down to it you deal with this retrograde coming and going more then any other one.


Mercury Rx is here get it sorted!

Part of surviving Mercury Retrograde without a major melt down is understanding how it works for you.


Knowing that is half the battle.


The other half of the battle is…


Give yourself plenty of time to do things and that includes going places. Not the time to rush or think you can get where you are going in record time.

When tech fights back step away. When it all goes glitchy the best thing to do is step away from it and do something else for that day or at least a couple of hours.

Life doesn’t stop while you are in the middle of Mercury Retrograde.


That means you may have to buy electronics or appliances etc during one. It does happen do your research and make a commitment. If you can wait, then do so but sometimes you can’t.

Same with contracts and such make sure you have gone over it well and understand it well. Ask the questions you need know and make sure you fully understand the obligations.

There are times when your can’t avoid doing thing life doesn’t stop while Mercury is in retrograde it keeps plugging along.


Best Practices for having an awesome Mercury Retrograde!


This is a good time to reflect and plan.

What needs more attention in your life, this is a good time to take a look at it. Explore and examine it and decide what it needs. Planning out the action steps to get it is a natural next step.

Space, time, and room is something that is going to help Mercury Retrograde feel better. Not rushing and taking your time to get things done and get places will bring in more ease then rushing it.

When frustrated step away from it and do something else. Get ways and do something different for a while. Every time I have not done this I regret it. All it does is make one pissed off, frustrated and ready scream. Step away before you get to that point.


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