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Messages Come in All Forms and Card Reveal

Messages come in all forms and you will have your normal patterns for receiving them and sometimes they come via other means. My most common way is to hear and when working with others energy see.


Recently messages are showing up via other routes and that’s my dream. I am not one of those people who remember all their dreams or even frequently remember them. But dreams are a thing right now. That means more puzzling things out then I usually have to.



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Messages Come in All Forms and Card Reveal

On Halloween I had a dream that I went in for an interview at a restaurant. For this interview I was given five safety pins that I had to arrange in a box full of crystals and jewelry. I arranged them and lost one, it slipped down into the jewels, so I substituted something else. The Guy who was interviewing me kept very gently touching my hair. I was all that’s odd but okay.


This is something that meant something when I woke up and spent the better part of about two weeks figuring out who The Guy is. Turned out he’s someone I’ve worked with for a very long time now.


Messages Come in All Forms and Card Reveal

The other dream is I saved the world. I had this old time cell phone and I had to call this guy. He wasn’t home. That meant I had to figure out how to do it without him. All the while I ran through a dream version of Z.C.M.I. center in Salt Lake City. I figured it out and saved the world.


While I might not literally get to SAVE the World. It reminds me I can do my part to make it a better place. Point is pay attention to the things that are showing up in unusual ways. There might be something there for you.



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How are you chopping up what you are doing? It feels that you are in the way or there’s a perception of something in the way. This is not going to get you where you need to be. Now we are not talking about systematic issues here. This is you creating something for you not to move forward.


Messages Come in All Forms and Card Reveal

The System can play into this, yes. But part of it is you at the moment. Look to what you know and put it to work. Where can ritual, prayer, meditation come into moving beyond this perception?

The Reveal!


Messages Come in All Forms and Card Reveal

This week’s deck is The Hayworth Tarot.

Card One
Three of Cups

What are you letting blow right on through you? There’s a feel here of you letting go too quickly of what you want and love. Love, friendship, work, all take sustained effort even when you are stick of it and sick of them, sick of what it takes to keep it all together. Staying the hard bits lets you know what it really means to you and what you are capable of. Do you jet when the going gets tough? What happens when you work on it or with someone?


Messages Come in All Forms and Card Reveal

Card Two
Page of Swords

If I don’t even go for it it won’t ever fail. There’s a feel of the what ifs happening here. What it if it all goes sideways, fails, is not what I want, perfect, and on. The list of what ifs can be endless and all too often tends towards a bad outcome. They can be fear or even excuses for things you really do not want to do. It is all right to change and not want something even if you are working towards it. How can you create what ifs that set you up for good things? Where can you change the dream to work with you instead of fighting it?


Messages Come in All Forms and Card Reveal


Card Three
The Fool


Sometimes you need to go for it and do the thing. Good chance by now you have thought it into the ground and talked yourself in and out of it about a trillion times. Action is what you need! Some form of action even the most small step into this thing. It will not spring complete from your head like Athena did from Zeus’ head. It will be one piece at a time, one step at a time. Put that puzzle together as you go and discover what it has for you. What do you talk yourself out of over and over? Where are you lacking in an action plan?


Messages Come in All Forms and Card Reveal