Metatronic Blue Energy Clearing

Metatronic Blue Energy Clearing


Metatronic Blue Energy Clearing For the Collective is part personal energy clearing and part collective energy clearing.


Metatronic Blue Energy Clearing

This energy clearing helps you by removing old energies you no longer need in your personal energy and then moves into the bigger collective energies that are in your way.


How this shows up can include:


Anxiety and Fear

Self Doubt

Choking back your words

Self Sabotage

Lashing Out

Heavy and Tired


These are a few of the most common ways the collective manifest in a negative manner. The permutations vary person to person.


“I feel stronger, freer, and more formidable. I also have a sensation of armor protecting the vulnerable/healing places where the black blob was removed. Your suggestion to treat my side is what resulted in the armor growth and I often use the bright blue light and daily clearing now. I can tell you that on that day, there was a perceptible lifting along with a rush of excitement and freedom. It was pretty amazing. I’m very grateful, thank you. “



The personal level is cleared first. Doing this gives the collective energy less to work with. It helps to have your personal energy clear before moving into the bigger energies of the collective.


Next up is the collective energy that you are tapped into. Clearing it off will help you to find more clarity in your life. Since it rebuilds a blue energy filter also gets put in to help you stay this way.


The filter lets in what you need and shunts off what you don’t need. You can think of the extras as energetic spam.


Metatronic Blue Energy Clearing For the Collective is a remote offering. All you need to do is relax and drink some water. You get a PDF or Audio Report of what I see and clear for you.

Corona Collective Price $123.00




Disclaimer: No refunds you are paying for my time. I am not responsible for any decisions you act on. This is based on traditional lore. This is not a substitute for medical, legal, crisis aid, or any other professional advice. All Metatronic Blue Energy Clearings sales are final. Ordained ULC Minister.