Mid Chemo Check Up & Card Reveal!
Card Reveal

Mid Chemo Check Up & Card Reveal!

I took my mid chemo check up day off it was on a Friday. That means driving a couple hours to the big city and if it was bad, I’d be a wreck. It is exhausting going to the big city and it is an all day thing when it comes down to the drive.


Check up was GOOD!


Mid Chemo Check Up & Card Reveal!

The chemo is shrinking everything that needs to be shrunk and no new cancer areas. Really super duper happy that treatment is working. It meant that chemo continues for at least two more rounds at this point. Had Chemo 4 the Tuesday after the check up. Two more rounds to go if treatment plan remains the same.


Overall I feel good when it is not chemo week and am taking it easy overall with everything right now. There’s a lot still going on. Those doctor appointments can get overwhelming at times. Sometimes there are heaps of them and other times blissfully there are none.


It is nice to be able to chill and not have to go see a medical professional.


Look I made a video!

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Now the Reveal!

Mid Chemo Check Up & Card Reveal!

This week’s piles are the Mythic Tarot 80’s version & Cosmic Vibes Oracle.

Pile One
Four of Swords and Full Moon in Sagittarius

Getting ready to leap? First make sure you know what you are leaping for. Taking that risk helps if you have the why of it sorted out and if you don’t, you don’t. You can still leap but you are asking for the Universe to help you find it. You need to recognize it when it shows up. Really that’s true either way!


Mid Chemo Check Up & Card Reveal!

Pile Two
Page of Wands and New Moon in Virgo

Set it on fire and get a little funky this week. Right now you want to bring that energy level up. That means not slamming on the brakes when things pick up in speed or intensity, maybe both. Be willing to embrace that energy and change it up.

Mid Chemo Check Up & Card Reveal!

Pile Three
The Tower and Pluto

Right about now I can hear you changing piles. DON’T! These two are probably what you’ve been asking for. And by that I mean earth shaking changes. Pulling back from that is only going to make it take longer. Trust me on this it will be good, it will turn out in the end. You need to move into it and do the work to get what you want. I got this with some unwanted change and I am working with shaking my foundations free.

Mid Chemo Check Up & Card Reveal!


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