Card Reveal

Mind your mind: Friday Card Reveal

Friday Card Reveal!


Mind your mind this week.


Know what you are indulging in and make a very conscious choice to think as you are or change it. What goes on in your head and your internal dialogues are powerful creatures. They can make your day or ruin it depending on what you decide to think.


Mind your mind: Friday Card Reveal
Pick a Pile

This weeks “decks” are The Chrysalis Tarot, Found Oracle, & Windows into Worlds Oracle

You have the ability to decide what goes on in your head and how you talk to you.

Mind your mind and check in with the messages you are sending yourself.


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Pile One
The Pilgrim – Page of Scrolls, Butterfly, & Perspective


Mind your mind: Friday Card Reveal

What needs to be known? You can read it but until you take it to heart you aren’t going to know it. This is the call to put what you have learned to work to help you transform your life. This often means you need to step out of the comfort zone and look at things from a different view and perspectives. How can your perspective create a narrative? Where is transformation needed?


Pile Two
Six of Scrolls, Protection, & Courage


Where is tenderness needed? Tenderness, compassion, kindness are seen a weakness by some, which is a load of BS. They are not weak but foster strength and resiliency. This is what you want as a super power to the Six of Scrolls reminds you to bring caring and love while understanding that doing so you can base your protection in those emotions. Know you have the courage to do this. What feels like weakness in your life? Is it truly so? How can you bring in courage and change that?


Pile Three
The Watcher – Queen of Mirror, Heart of Stone, Heart


Mind your mind: Friday Card Reveal

Are you feeling all the feels? This is all about emotion and your heart his week. What do you want? What is the place the heart most desires? Feel the feels but don’t let them take over you heart. You will need that move into your intuition and trust it fully. Trust the signs that come to you all of them. Know you are guided and can find your way. Do you trust your intuition or dismiss it? How many signs do you need before you believe?



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