Mini Art Classes

Art is Magick


When you create art you are bringing energy to the surface and sending it out to the Universe.


It doesn’t have to be some huge and challenging piece of art. Easy and non stressful is the fun way to go with this. That’s what these three mini classes are.

Mini Art Classes

Simple, Easy, Fun!

No drawing or art knowledge needed.


All the classes can be done in about an hour of less.


In the first two you just need to rustle up some images that speak to you. You can use old magazines (yes I still buy hard copies of them) or images from the internet.

Vision Board Mini Art Class

In the Vision Board mini class you set up a long term vision board. Using a hunk of cardboard, glue stick, and magazine images. Made in 2017 for I do not remember what




Spell Board Mini Class

Spell Board mini class brings in energy you want to create for yourself in the short term. Once again no experience needed. All you need to do is enjoy the process.  Created in 2019 for that year’s Illuminate & Activate.



Connect to Your Ancestors with Art

Connect to your Ancestors with Art is an short and easy art class that uses watercolor, collage and a Bic pen to help you connect with your ancestors. Includes how I view ancestors. Created for an online symposium in 2019.




Change Your Energy with Art Mini Class

Change Your Energy mini class uses watercolor and basic supplies. All you need is a cheapie watercolor set and pen or pencil and you can do this class. Created for Illuminate & Activate 2020



Mini Art Class Bundle

Pick up all four as a bundle package for 10 percent off. 31.50