Modifying a Tarot Deck & Tarot Deep Dive

The tarot is getting a lot of focus in 2021 with the goal of it parking the creative process for creating my own deck. Being an artist I’ve learned that the creative process does not spring forth fully formed like Athena from Zeus’ head. It just does not happen frequently enough to count on it.


Modifying a Tarot Deck & Tarot Deep Dive

There are times when, yes you get the big idea and implement it. But what spawns creativity is more creativity. So, that’s a big focus this year sparking that around the tarot. Which is where the modify the tarot deck project comes in for the creative and art creation aspect.


The Two of Coins Modifying a Tarot Deck


Here’s the first two videos from a bajaillion years ago.

Modifying a Tarot deck 1 and Ace of Coins


Then there was that time I handmade affirmation decks.

You can still get one.



To go with the creative is also the academic part of this project and refreshing all things tarot knowledge related. That means systematically too as I tend to dive in where I feel that day into a tarot book and read that section instead of reading the book all the way through.


Modifying a Tarot Deck & Tarot Deep Dive


Learning is always good as I have a couple new books to read all the way through along with the others I am reading again for a second or however many times.


The Fool A Deep Dive


Pairing the two together is already sparking the creative fires and looking over some old notes solidifying some of the imagery for the suits. Which is a really cool to see how notes I took a couple years ago still have relevant symbols for me today.


This work keeps me in the container that tarot lives. It has definite concepts in the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana that need to be captured not matter how traditional or non-traditional a deck.


Modifying a Tarot Deck & Tarot Deep Dive


You can catch last Friday’s vlog here!