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Moon Collage Project 2020 & Losgunna

A very long time ago I started doing videos on the Froud Faerys deck and doing one a month. In that time I’ve taken a couple years off from doing them. It feels important to finish up the bulk of this project this year. So that’s what I am doing.


Moon Collage Project 2020 & Losgunna

This deck has helped me grow and in unexpected ways. It never fails to help me see things from a different view. The Froud’s Faerys deck has also helped me know which actions to take and what type of energy is coming in.


As a solitary practitioner I am always looking for ways to practice cycles. Doing a big ritual every month for just me is overwhelming, it is a lot when you do that with a group. The group energy keeps it going.


Doing things on your own you have to find ways that work for you. That can be done consistently. Last your I wanted to being in observation of the moon cycles and did so by using collage.

Moon Collage Project 2020 & Losgunna

Here’s what I came up with for the 2020 Moon Collage project. I feel like a few months into is when I really started express what I wanted. Part of that was letting go of what I thought it should be.



Also did you catch the first weekly vlog?

It went out last Friday.

The plan is each Friday a new vlog of my week goes out!


Moon Collage Project 2020 & Losgunna


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