Neptune Retrograde Forecast

Neptune Retrograde brings in


Water, dreams, emotions, the wonder of love and the reminders of tragic love, intuition…


This is an easy retrograde to dive on in and let yourself float to the bottom buffeted by the waves until you hit the bottom. When you realize that you have been so caught up in the fantasy of it you got lost.


Neptune Retrograde Forecast

You realize that you are ignoring what Neptune Retrograde is bringing to you by wrapping yourself up in the fantasy, good or bad. You have missed the signs you wanted and have to swim back to the top of it all.


To recover where you truly wanted to go.


The Neptune Retrograde Forecast will help you stay on track and avoid a major detour while he’s in retrograde. This Forecast helps you stay the course with an…

Audio about the energies of this retrograde

Light language transmission and activation code

A helpful tarot spread for you to use


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