Moon Energies

New Moon March 2018

New Moon March 2018

Happy New Moon!


There’s been some crazy energies around.

I know it feels like I say it every week but it is so true.


Things that are popping up are:

-Weird dreams -Anxiety – Worry – Etc.-

It is okay just ride it with a wave of love!


Sometimes it can feel like the Universe is shaking out everything you are. It has you by the feet and is shaking all the loose change out of you. It can feel rough, really rough.

Take a deep breath in and let it out slow. Once the Universe sets you back on your feet, take a look at what your loose change looks like?

Mine looks a lot like unfounded fear. It looks a lot like feeling unworthy, not worth it. DOUBT! Yeah, it happens to me too. It doesn’t matter how much you have done you will still feel this shiz.


New Moon March 2018

But I know it is a load of BS and is triggered by being in a launch that I am super excited.


My Inner Critic wants to keep me safe from being hurt. It wants me to be safe from rejection. It protects by being a great big fat jerk.


So I make it safe. I love it.

I forgive myself for being my own worst enemy at times.


You can’t stuff your Inner Critic down and hide it. That just doesn’t work.

Saying hi I know you are freaking, it’s okay works so much better then ignoring it.


New Moon Energies for March 2018