New Moon October 2017

New Moon October 2017

There’s a ton of Snake & Spider energy this New Moon!


Along with Healing Advocacy


One of the things Gaia, Metatron, and Shekinah are very clear wit for me is that the masculine needs to be healed. The divine and the everyday masculine are in need of healing. By healing the masculine we start to heal the Earth and let the Feminine divine and everyday fully step into healing.


New Moon October 2017

Part of healing is acknowledging that shitty things happen and men and women have drastically different experiences when it comes to their body and walking down the street, opening up their locker at school, and simply going about daily life.


At my locker in junior high while a male class mate fondled my butt. I was petrified and just stood there, thinking OMG what is he doing.


Walking down the street nice tits, nice ass and the more benign smile, don’t ever cut your hair.


The director of food and beverage suggesting I bend over to pick something up standing next to the manager who had been reported for sexual harassment.


Walking to the book store “Wanna fuck?” My response was no and he called me a racist bitch, he was Latino.


These are the mild things that happen to girls and women everyday. They are things we grow used and that’s not healthy for any of us, women or men. Do you want to be a part of this? I don’t.


I want us all to be fully healed. For all of us to be safe and feel safe. To know that men are not potential threats because yes men, all of you, all men are potential threats, that’s how it is. You don’t have to like it but experience proved that not even friends that are male are safe men.


I don’t want any of us to live like this anymore.


It is the New Moon let all of us start the process of healing, awareness, and and advocacy.


Full Moon October

Full Moon October 2017

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