New Workshop A Connection to the Divine

Connecting to the Divine is not always the straight forward path you’d like it to be. Sometimes it is hard to tell anything is out there at all listening to you. The truth is you have to decide if you have faith that they are paying attention.


You also have to admit to you that especially with Gods they might not interact. My experience is they can be rather hands off. In Connecting with the Divine we’re going to talk about your choices here.


New Workshop A Connection to the Divine

It is not a bad thing is some God doesn’t whack your life into a new ball park. Deity work can come with some big promises on your part. Keep that in mind when you start to engage, how much do you want?


Some creatures really do not want anything to do with you and if you try to force it things go wrong really quick and you won’t like. There’s a time to know when to back off and get out while things are still doing good.


Connecting to the Divine will cover the basics of starting to engage with human type entities. Whether you seek them out or they come for you. Figuring out how much you can do for them and how to sustain this practice.


Divine connection goes out April 26th get on the list for access.

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