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Ninhursag: Lady of the Mountains

Ninhursag Lady of the Mountains


Ninhursag the Lady of the Mountains Sumerians weren’t keen on actual names for their deities. They gave them titles which in turn becomes their name. She is where my interest in Sumer sparked. How I love these old stories form the Middle East.


She also led me to reading more about other myths out of this area and the impact that it had on other cultures in the region. Sumeria is still very much with us. Which is very cool IMO.


Ninhursag Lady of the Mountains

Ninhursag encouraged me to go deeper and deeper into the old myths that have shaped western culture in so many way. Ninhursag for me is about the mountains and the sacred being closer as a result of elevations. Mountains take us closer to the gods that reside in the heavens.


Mountains have been part of my life since I was about seven and we moved to Montana. My horizon is in the sky, up in the air. There is nothing flat about where I have spent most of my life. They keep your eyes raised to the heavens when they are the defining feature.


Why one goddess or god calls so strongly when another doesn’t? I don’t know why she called so strongly to me when I started studying her and Sumer. Ninhursag pulled me in and kept me reading, growing and learning.


Kaun Yin

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