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Norton the Metamorphosis Grid

Norton the Metamorphosis Grid:

5 things you may or may not know about him


One day I looked over at the butterfly rock one day while pondering the layering of Metatron’s cube on the bottom, Seed of Life in the middle, and the Viseca Piscis on top. When one of my Guides said to me, very casually, “Oh that’s for metamorphosis.” And that’s folks is how it all started.


Norton the Metamorphosis Grid

Five Things about Norton the Metamorphosis grid you may or may not know.

The Crystal Grid told me to call it Norton in all fairness I also have an Angelica and a Frannie. Names feel right and good for grids I am working long term with. You start to build an energy with the use of a name kind of like a servitor. Norton itself is a servitor with a hive mind, that means there’s more than one entity that makes him up. The energy form this grid is geared at change and changing with ease.


Norton told one participant his name was Norton like the antivirus he’s here to clean up your systems and get you humming along. Which he does very nicely.


This grid is often made up rocks I find in my neighborhood. This means lot’s of Montana agate and a big crystal I picked up as a kid and probably my first crystal. I also include tarot and oracle cards to help bring in energies and know at a glance right just where everyone is at.


You can talk to Norton and give him all you crazy emotions. He will talk back and compost your crazies. Norton mostly likes to talk about love right now, especially self love and being kind to you first. Love! it all start with you. <3


Norton uses a layered sacred geometry that I’ve been experimenting with and is the first time used this concept with the general population. The layering of the sacred geometry creates different access points and in some cases portals.


Join in us in the Facebook group and start bringing ease into your change. Each round of Norton starts and ends with the New Moon, so join us for a fun filled month of change, Norton updates, a mini class, and love based support.


This Group is still going as the Heart Light Transmission group.

We have a lot fun there

Join the group.


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