Monthly Energies

October Forecast

The October Forecast

Reminds that you need to keep your creative feelers receptive.


October Forecast

There’s some fire you can tap into in October. How you do that is up to you. Don’t worry about what’s right or wrong here only what you need to do to keep your rebirth going.


October Forecast

You can’t change and keep doing the same old, same old. It simply doesn’t work that way. Look at what’s working and what’s not working. The creative fire comes in here and all that steam the Queen of Wands can bring in to help propel you into new parameters.


The guide card for the October Forecast is the Phoenix which is also a creature of fire and rebirth. Which means you need to know the changes that have happened and work to keep the one’s you want.


Tap into the energy in the solar plexus to help solidify everything.

This is where the will sits in your body. Use it to help you get where you want.



October Forecast

There is also a ball of energy that is waiting for the pinprick of this change to open it up. That’s all it i s going to take to release this ball of wonderful energy that’s waiting is the willingness to embrace your rebirth and fuel it with new behaviors. Sounds simple but you know changing behaviors in the beginning means being present and aware.


What do you need to bring in to help? Where do you need more skills?
Sometimes you need to find new skills to help you keep what you want with change and get where you want to be.


If you find the detour look for the lessons you need in it. Detours tend to happen when you aren’t paying attention or you aren’t ready for where you want to go. You learn from them and the detour can help you find the skills you need.


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