On Honoring the Body

How do you honor your body?

For all the talk of self care and love out there you

aren’t really given ways to accomplish this in a

life that so over packed for most.

Demands made by work, children, significant others, broader family members, pets, all you have to do…


Those are all real things that can’t be ignored and pushed aside.


On Honoring the Body
We all need a helping hand some days.

In truth while getting a mani and pedi or a haircut might make you feel better they are still an attempt at buying self love and care. That may make you slow down for a second but they are superficial at best. At best they distract from it all for a short time.


Here is a place to start with relaxation

Does this truly honor my body? How do I do this?


Where can I bring in love, care, and honor when I feel there’s no control of my body, life, whatever it is for you?

How do you do this in the 21st century when you are still encouraged to deny and push on through? Push harder, make it work…


It does not work.

For me it is the body and peri-menopause of not being able to do much or go somewhere as I am bleeding heavily with clots. Where is the room for this process in the work force? There is no room for it.


I am lucky to work at home for myself. It is me who set the deadlines. Sets the work times. But for those who do not have this luxury there is no honor for the body.


There is no room for self love and care because there is very little support for womxn.


You can’t do it all and honor the body.

It is impossible.


How can we as womxn create this in society when we are not seen as full members of it?



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