On Inspiration

I am doing the warm up lesson for Life Book 2019, it is a year long art class, that’s total fun. Here’s the thing, it wasn’t working out and I felt a bit frustrated in my effort with it. I love what I have…

But it isn’t working. There’s a point where I can’t figure out what it needs or wants. It doesn’t want the flower that I made for it. The flower looks wrong and out of place, it is not going to work. 

I look at my flower and keep moving it around, flip the painting around. Blah! Not it! The flower feels too small for one thing and secondly I am not sure that I like it at all. So I spend a few days with the flower audition and not liking it. Maybe it needs to be bigger, maybe I need a new flower. 

At this point it is time to head in a different direction. Lollipop flower pops into my head. I grab an old CD and make a circle out of masa I drizzled paint on a while back. I make or modify paper and book pages frequently it is fun and no one else has your collage element. But I digress…

I put my lollipop flower on my page and Seih from the Inheritance Trilogy (see the Better Red then Dead for January) pops into my head. Seih and his sun, his collections of planets. The painting wants planets not a flower!

The planets felt completely right since the warm up in Life Book is about the energy you want to bring into the new year. A word, color, theme, etc. Blues have been in the forefront for a while now and the planets meshed with the concept of Dreamweaver. The painting made sense, it looked right, felt right, it was on its way to done and that felt really good. 

This is how inspiration often works. It is not Athena like in popping out of your head fully formed. It is a small tidbit that comes to you from your journey’s in life or experimenting with your art or spiritual practice. From a character in fiction I got what I needed. 

Learn not to discount these hits of inspiration in your life. They hold keys and information for you. It contains themes, ideas, and concepts you can work with in your spiritual practice. Embrace them and use them to find out how they work in your life.