Oracle Cards and Getting Honest with You

Oracle Cards and Getting Honest with You


You have picked out a deck and gotten to know it a bit better now it is time to really start in on using them. This sometimes depends on what your purpose is. Using them for yourself is very different from reading for another. If you are reading for another you need to put your own biases, actually you should do this even when reading just for you. On second thought set it all aside no matter who you are reading for.


The idea is you are centered and working for everyone’s highest good. Doing a reading to hurt or being plain old mean in the presentation of it is not ethical. It isn’t good for you or the person you are reading for. You need to really look at why you want to read for others. I chose to start reading for others to help them change. Some who come to me are so very fragile and being cruel and mean to them by being “brutally honest” is going to crush them. My goal is to uplift not crush. I want them to walk away excited and empowered.


Oracle Cards and Getting Honest with You

Your intentions as a reader are important as are leaving your biases at the door. This is part of the reason we ground and center before a reading. So that we can set our crap aside to deal with the question at hand. That goes for reading for yourself probably even more so.


Where you can let your bias in when reading for yourself is with your personal mythic system. You can bring that out and really use it to help you understand what is going on with the cards. That is the beauty of reading for yourself is using that framework. The trap with reading for yourself is falling into the oh I don’t want that, I want it to be this way.


It is by using my personal mythic system that I came up with my Spirit Guide spread. The goal was to have a way to really go deep with my guides and easily understand the information they are conveying. It worked so well that I started doing them for other people. I’ve even had their guides pop up in this reading. That can be very interesting some will talk and others will only have me pass the message to for their person to contact them.


You do have to be honest with yourself and not sugar coat it when a “negative” card pops up. Is it really negative? How can it positively impact your life? Doing readings for yourself can be a way to start to become honest with you and really get to know what are the current issues to work on. But at the same time when you get a tough reading you don’t get to beat you up over it for not being good enough.


It can be a tool to help you get honest with you in a healthy manner. So when you want to you can laser in on aspects shadow and see where it takes you. Reading for you can help you really understand where you are right now, have been in the past, and the potential of the future you.


Getting started With Oracle Cards

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