Ostara Wheel of the Year



Ostara or the Vernal Equinox up here is still pretty much winter. It is cold and tends to be very wintery for most of the month so it there isn’t much getting outside yet. Except for this year we have been in the 60s, keep waiting for winter to reassert itself. I’m also not a huge do a ritual person for things like this. Ok, for Samhain and Beltane I do a bit more but the rest are casual for me.


Ostara Wheel of the Year

I like to do things that correspond to what the holiday means or at least the spirit of the holiday. For Imolg which is the return of the light and creativity I did an intentions page in my art journal. Ostara for me is taking stock of my seeds. What do I need to get for the garden this year. That type of stuff. It is an inventory holiday for me.


Even if you are within the confines of a group or coven, the aspect of personal practice and of personal rituals is important. You may work with a group but your main practice happens when you are alone. It is in this solitary practice and tradition that make up the bulk of your spiritual life, not the group activities.

Often times it is the small acts that can hold great meaning. For me going through my seeds and figuring out what I need for the upcoming growing season is a renewal for me. A reminder of cycles and that soon it will not be winter but spring will be here.