Pallas Retrograde Starts the 18th

Are you ready to foster creativity, initiative, intellect, and planning?


This is what Pallas Retrograde can help you from February 18th to May 30th.


Pallas is an asteroid named after the Goddess Pallas Athena. She’s all about the brain and your intellect. She’s also a good goddess to bring in when working with issues of justice. The blind folded lady with a sword representing justice is based on her.

Pallas RX

What can you do with this asteroid’s retrograde?

Plan it out. Get it all in order with a plan to work from and guide you.

What needs to be rethought out or reworked. This is a good time to do.

Creativity especially using your intellect making it a good time to do research or compile something.

Evaluate existing values in your life and make sure they are still yours.


What to watch out for.


Denying that you need to take time to rework or rethink it. Reevaluating is a process that can bring in new ideas, don’t shove it to the side.

Let the interplay between mind and heart become separate. It may feel like your intellect and heart are at odds if that happens check in. Heart and intellect can work together. Let intellect drive while hte heart navigates.

Emotions may need to take a back seat while Pallas is in retrograde. Use reason to help you with this. If you need to make a plan to deal with it.


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