Path is Path

Are you on the right path? This is a question that so many of ask over and over, again and again. It is something that gets analyzed and agonized over to the point where it starts to get brutal and doubt can be like water creating cracks for it to flow in. 

Here’s the thing i learned when I said screw the right path.

Path is Path!

It is that simple. On a detour to learn a lesson that’s the path. Straight like an arrow that’s your path. Somewhere in between that is your path. 

You get the idea. Path is path and it is that simple. 

Where you are right this second is your path. Does that mean you want to continue on it not always. That’s where you bring in change and working on changing patterns and behaviors so you can change the direction. 

That’s when you use choices to create new choices that help you get to the ones you want. The first choices will be simple and that’s sticking to the changes you are making. Making that choice over and over again because it is repetitive and kind of boring at times. 

But that can be what it takes to get your path headed where you want it to go. There is so much that can be learned from taking the long road, detours, and getting lost. It helps you to know what you really want and brings in lessons you need. 

The lessons are what will help you get where you want to be. You do need to heed them. You can’t whiz on by them and think it will fall in your lap. It is the work, the learning, the knowing that starts to create that kind of wonder. 

Remember next time you freak out over what if you are on the wrong path that you are right where you need to be. If you don’t care for that place you can change it.