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Personal Practices for Eclipse Season

Personal Practices for Eclipse Season


There are several eclipse season in a year usually about two to three rounds of them.

For me this summer one is the BIG ONE!


Personal Practices for Eclipse Season

It starts with the first summer eclipse and there’s usually a Mercury Rx and Chiron Rx in there and ends with the Lions’ Gate Portal on August 8th. This processing of work started a few years ago when I was a wreck and it turned out so was everyone else. Always nice to know when it the Universe and such effecting you and you aren’t alone.

It makes a big difference in that knowing.


There’s been something missing for a long while.
A linking factor that is missing in my internal spiritual process.


It turns out that it is written journaling.

The need for concrete words and not art to spells out of emotion of it.

Words are need, specifically put on paper.


Out came the journal that hasn’t been touched in a couple of years. This is at the forefront of what I need to do and past time to make it happen.


There are three personal practices for eclipse that are being pulled back out for Summer Eclipse Season

Written & Tarot Journal

Morning Routine

Written out goals


The written journal nothing major simply putting thoughts down on paper for five or ten minutes. Writing can go longer if it needs to that day. Keeping it simple and short is the main thing. If it gets too complicated it will not happen. Knowing my penchant is to go for bigger is better, must add more I make sure to keep is easy.


Personal Practices for Eclipse Season

Tracking weekly and daily tarot pulls. It is amazing how quick you know where you are when you work with pulls on a daily and or weekly basis. Check out the video for how I like to do this.


Personal Practice: Tarot Journal

Morning Routine has been tossed out the window for a while now other then some basic hygiene right off. Bringing back in a five minute meditation practice after starting the coffee. I am adding the tarot journal time here too. Starting things out in a more balanced manner.


Personal Practices for Eclipse Season

Now with the goals knowing that I am a process person makes how I approach them different. It is not a big rush to finish something for me to hit that goal. Sure I like it, enjoy and celebrate it but getting there is what is fun.


That’s what is on the forefront of my personal practices right now. Working out, nutrition, hydration and all that stuff is still in the picture and will remain so. Personal Practices for Eclipse Season feel really good to bring in right now.


There will be a bunch of juicy content that goes up in the Cosmic Shadow Light Forecast for Summer Eclipse season and is the only place this year that the Lion’s Gate Portal Package is offered. That Package covers from The First eclipse in June through Mercury and Chiron Rx, into the Lions Gate on 8-8, and ends with the Pleiades Light Transmission.


All of that comes out of creating a

Personal Practice for Eclipse Season.



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