Personalized Light Code

Personalized Light Codes

Create movement and energy flows in your life.

They are an intuitive process that creates support for all you do in a simple and easy manner.

All you have to do is listen and see.

A Personalized Light Code visual activates and engages your energy on the subtle level. There’s a connection that is created by looking at the visual code created for you.


It will help you free yourself of

Perceived blocks you know those challengers who can be hard to move around.

Help you ease up and release old patterns that you no longer need. Place on the body the visual can directly work on your energy and chakras.

The sound activation takes the visual deeper.

It connects with your soul to bring deep knowing to the surface.


Personalized Light Code


Light Language sounds speak to the parts of you that you didn’t even know where hanging out in you.


It creates space in your energy for new things to flow through you. Working out energetic kinks to help you move forward with your desires.


The combination of the visual and the auditory combines to bring the inner you to the surface. Empowered and infinite in all you do.


A Personalized Light Code will help for

Sustains long term personal or business working.

Can help work out blocks and other challenges.

Create Healing in your emotions and body.

Release old patterns and behaviors.

Activate star codes and starseed DNA

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You will receive a PDF with Light Code Visual and a MP3 of your light language audio (three minutes long). You also get PDF with ways to use your Personalized Light Codes and any other information that came through for you. This is a digital product.


What people have said about Light Codes.


“Your singing with the crystal pyramid is sacred wisdom that reached directly into my soul and vibrated my DNA with truth! I felt encased in the womb of the universe while I was soothed and lulled with the tenderest vibrations of spoken word.”

Rhonda about a personalized audio



Disclaimer: No refunds on Readings, Light Codes and digital products you are paying for my time. I am not responsible for any decisions you act on. This is based on traditional lore. This is not a substitute for medical, legal, crisis aid, or any other professional advice. All Personalized Light Code sales are final. This is a digital product.